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Dinopark Funtana is a fantastic destination for an exciting and authentic family day trip. Located in the very heart of Istria, only couple of minutes from Poreč, Dinopark is the first and the largest theme park in Croatia. One of many attractions is a 1000 seat Show Arena where you can see various artists and acrobats perform twice daily in a Variate Jurrasic Show. Outside under the shade of natural forest you can experience different adrenalin rides - the Dragon Coaster fast train, pirate ship Tortuga and Fly Coaster carousel or join a Fossil Safari digging site and become a paleontologist for a day.

Most kids favourite activities include riding real ponies and vising the Kids Zoo to feed the animals. And only in Dinopark Funtana you can ride the dinosaurs as well!

In Dinopark you will also experience walking through different geological periods by getting to know more than 80 real-size dinosaurs and gain a unique, fun and educating experience.

What makes the experience even more special is that the dinosaurs move and make noises which will make you feel as you are in the real Jurrasic park – it's an authentic and unforgettable experience of seeing these wonderful creatures!

There is also a Fossil Shop and a Gift Store which offer a variety of toys and dinosaur accessories for purchase to bring some memories with you.

To make this experience truly memorable, all mentioned attractions are FREE of charge.

Every family member will find something for themselves and a guarantee for that are many fabulos impressions of kids and families who visited us in past years. For additional information please visit www.dinopark.hr or Facebook page Dinopark Funtana.

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Dinopark map

Dinopark map


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