Is there a sufficient number of parking spaces and do you charge for parking?

A sufficient number of parking spaces is provided for all visitors, whether they came by car, by bicycle or by organizedbus. Parking is monitored and, for all visitors, free of charge!

Do we have to announce ourselves prior to our arrival or do we have to book the tickets?

In the case of individual visits, the announcement of arrivals is not necessary nor are any ticket bookings. Tickets can be purchased during office hours directly when entering the park. In case of organized visits, they, as well as the purchasing of the tickets, are arranged in advance through our contacts.

Do you charge the additional entertainment content and show programs?

The use of the entertainment content and attending the show programs are included in the ticket price and are not charged extra!

Is it possible to get a cheaper ticket price if we visit the Dinopark for a short period, or if we came before the end of office hours?

Unfortunately, no. The ticket to the Dinopark lasts a whole day and is unique. It provides the ability to use all the entertainment contents and show programs within the working hours of the park. The visit also has an unlimited duration.

Are dogs allowed in theDinopark?

Dogsare welcome and allowed if kept on a leash.

Are the contents in the Dinopark suitable very young children?

Of course! With a wide selection of entertainment and educational content we have paid special attention to our youngest visitors. An amusement park, Kids Zoo and Pony Express are just some of the attractions that will delight them!

Is the Park suitable for the movement of parents with strollers?

All the paths in the park can be crossed without much difficulty, if it's with very small children in strollers or with bigger and more independent kids.

Can children go to the park alone, without adult?

No, they cannot. For safety reasons it is necessary that the children are always accompanied by one or more responsible adults.

Is the Dino Park completely in the open and what to do in case of bad weather?

The big forest park, through which goes most of the pathswith dinosaurs, is in the open. It is largely in the shadeand provides appropriate sun protection during the summer months. The Show arena is a fully enclosed and air-conditioned space. If necessary, it will provide protection from rain and other bad weather for all visitors.

Is there an ATM inside the Dino Park?

No, but two ATMs can be found in the vicinity. The first is at the entrance of Camp Valkanela, 500 m away, in the direction of Poreč. The other is near the post office in Funtana, situated about 400m, in the direction of Poreč. Both are situated on the main road.